Chatsworth House Visit

Report By Bob Freeman

On Sunday 11th June this year, 57 people from the Desborough Allotment & Garden Association went on an outing to the first RHS Flower Show held at Chatsworth.

A cluster of purple aliums

There were eight show gardens and many floral displays along with nurseries showing off their wonderful selection of specialist plants.
The Devonshire and Cavendish marquees, which contained the floral displays, were joined by a representation of Joseph Paxton’s Great Conservatory, which was full of lush tropical planting.

A cluster of purple aliums A cluster of purple aliums

The plant sell off, Sunday being the last day of the show, was at 4.00pm and many bargains were to be had meaning the bus was rather full with plants and flowers to be gently transported back home.
The day was enjoyable, but the mud and towards the end of the day the rain, put a bit of a damper, if you’ll excuse the pun, on the day. The showground was situated in the lowest part of the Chatsworth estate, with the River Derwent running through the showground.

A cluster of purple aliums A cluster of purple aliums

Heavy rain during the first few days of the show had made the ground very muddy and even inside the marquees the ground was sodden.
It was a good day out but everybody felt that although this was the first RHS show at Chatsworth quite a few improvements did need to made for 2018.