Desborough Allotment and Garden Association

Karen Lund

I am originally from Chester where all my family still are and where I went to school and lived until 2000 when my family and I moved to Holland for 11 and half years. We then moved to Desborough in 2011 to start a new chapter in our lives. We have two daughters, one living in Manchester and our youngest currently at University.
I am a passionate gardener and I was introduced to gardening from a very young age by my grandfather who had a quarter of an acre back garden and where he grew all his own fruit and vegetables. My neighbour introduced me to the allotments just over three years ago where I helped her on her plot. My husband and I then put our name the association waiting list and in no time at all we were offered a plot and we now enjoy working together on it. I am an organic grower and try to garden using companion planting to use nature to keep the insects at bay. I also garden using a no dig system of raised beds where I can. I am excited to be offered a place on the committee and hope to be a part of the community to bring new ideas and lots of enthusiasm.