Desborough Allotment and Garden Association

2022 Season

A View down the middle of Desborough Allotments

Desborough Allotments was founded in 1947 on what is now Church View it continues to be a thriving and friendly community.
Situated in our new location off Rushton Road, we have 80 Allotments of varying sizes, a members' shop and a storage facility.

The Association runs a shop with a selection of items from Compost and fertilizers to pots and netting.
We also stock a range of pesticides and treatments.

The shop opens on a Friday evening until the end of August between 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Should members wish to purchase out of hut hours for legal reasons they must show their Association membership cards.

Who we are.

The Committee

Due to high demand waiting times could be up to 4 years

If you are interested in an allotment please follow the link below and complete the application form

Application Form