The Association Rules

  1. Basic rent is £10.00 per 5-pole plot; please note that all allotment rents, water charges and all Association subscriptions are to be paid by the 31st March each year.
    Any plot holder/Association member who has not paid by 1st April each year will be deemed to have given up their plot and it will be allocated to the next person on the waiting list.
    You will not be chased for payment after this date, your plot will simply be given to the next person on the wait list. It is down to plot holders to get in touch with a committee member if payment cannot be made by the deadline of the 1st April.

  2. Allotment holders must be members of the Association.

  3. Any allotment holder vacating their plot should inform the Secretary or any Committee member at once.

  4. The allotment holder must maintain in good order both their path and the portion of the central carriageway adjoining their plot.

  5. The plot is to be used for allotment purposes only, and no livestock is to be kept on the land or trees planted.

  6. Compost bins and tool storage boxes must be at least 6inches away from the boundary fence. Tool storage boxes are to be no bigger than 2ft 6in deep x 4ft high x 5ft long. No felt roofs as these are a fire risk. All tools are left on the plots at the plot holders own risk.

  7. The allotment holder will not be allowed to deposit any rubbish on any part of the cemetery field allotments.

  8. The erecting of sheds or greenhouses is strictly prohibited.

  9. The allotment holder must at all times prevent weeds from going to seed.

  10. The Association reserves the right to terminate the tenancy of any allotment holder if, in their opinion, the plot has remained unused for an reasonable time.

  11. Bonfires can only be lit for the purposes of burning allotment rubbish and not for the disposal of household waste; this includes the burning of plastic. Discretion must be used when lighting fires, giving consideration to other allotment holders and the surrounding community. After the fire is lit under no circumstances must it be left unattended.

  12. The central carriageway is to be kept clear, vehicular access allowed only for loading and unloading. Long term parking is not allowed.

  13. Allotment holder’s dogs taken on to the Cemetery field allotments must be kept under control at all times. The allotment holder shall be held responsible for any damage caused by the said dog(s) whilst in the allotments.

  14. The allotment holder will not be allowed to assign or sub-let their plot. All lettings must be through the Allotment Association.

  15. New allotment holders will be required to pay a £10.00 deposit returnable on vacation of the plot provided the plot is left in a weed free and tidy condition.

  16. Washing of tools and produce in the water tanks is not allowed.

  17. The watering of all allotment plots must only be carried out using watering cans filled from the troughs provided. On no account must any form of hosepipe, mechanical or electrical devices be used.